Electrolysis for Permanent Hair Removal

A typical session costs between £28.50–£36 for 20-30 mins, longer sessions £40+

From £17

Transgender Electrolysis - (Private Clients)

Facial from:        £17

Genital from:      £20

Donor Site from: £20

A typical session costs £43.50-59.00 for 40-60 mins

Maria is also registered as an NHS provider of Electrolysis

From £17

Aftercare Lotion for Electrolysis


Blemish Removal

Thread Veins, Blood Spots, Spider Veins, Small Milia

A typical session costs £55–£76

From £45

Blemish Removal

Skin Tags, Seborrhoeic Keratoses, Warts, Lentigo, Cysts, Larger Milia, Xantheloma, Combination of Various Blemishes

A typical session costs between £71–£100

From £57

Mole Reduction (per session)


Aftercare Lotions for Blemish Removal


Skin Rejuvenation (individual micro skin needling)


Skin Rejuvenation (course of 3 micro skin needling treatments)


Skin Rejuvenation Cosmeceuticals (Skin Products)

Typical costs between £36–£40

From £36

Personalised Facial

A thorough, relaxing facial with (optional) brow tidy for dry/sensitive/acne/combination/ skin, or customised

£54 (1½hrs)

Personalised Facial with Back Massage

As above with 10 minute back, neck and shoulder massage

£63 (1¾hrs)

Quick, Brightening Facial

Double-cleanse, lip and eye cleanse, exfoliation, essential oil massage, masque, serum, moisturiser, eye cream

£40 (¾hr)

Muscle Toning Facial (Individual)

Non-surgical face lift

£44 (1hr)

Muscle Toning Facial (Course of 10)

Non-surgical face lift


Muscle Toning Facial (Luxury)

Non-surgical face lift

£54 (1½hrs)

Brow Shape with tweezers

5-20 minutes


Eyelash Tint


Eyebrow Tint and Tidy


Lash and Brow Tint


Lash and Brow Tint and Brow Tidy


Back, Neck and Shoulders

£35 (30mins)

Full Body Massage

£45 (1hr)

Treat Time


Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for a specified treatment or amount of your choice.



(When not immediately followed by a treatment, otherwise, free of charge)



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